Mr. Bruen, Better Today Than Yesterday

May 9, 2018

Interview by Kenni Sparkles So to start off who are your heroes in life? Ms. Morales: Ironman, me Mr. Bruen: A guy named Dr. Hatch, Dr. Robert Hatch, he’s a professor of emeritus which is a fancy way of saying he’s retired, and he was a professor at UF and he was the first guy […]

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Mrs. Blessing, the Fairy Gardener

May 2, 2018

Interview by America Cass What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done? Catch an alligator with my bare hands. Really? Oh yea, I’ve caught a couple, and played with them. Like duct tape their mouth shut and have them as a pet for a day. Why? Because I like reptiles and I am on the […]

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Mr. Connelly, the Peppermint Man

April 30, 2018

Interview by Penny Lockhart In high school, did you see yourself becoming a math teacher? Yes, it was my 11th grade year, and the softball coach was a math teacher. I didn’t play softball, of course, but he was a pretty cool guy. If you weren’t a teacher, what would you do? I would be […]

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