14 Things Everyone With Braces Will Understand

1. Your smile always looks ‘off’ in pictures.

2. Not wearing your rubber bands,
and feeling super guilty.

3. When you DO wear your rubber bands,
you can barely open your mouth.

4. When the orthodontist asks you how often you
wear your bands, you usually lie.

5. The day after getting them tightened,
you just want to quietly rip your teeth out.

6. The wires are always poking somewhere.

7. There are so many rules about what to
not eat, and you still eat everything.

8. Of course you still chew gum!

9. If you wanted to get colors, you had
the pressure of choosing the perfect combination.

10. Everyone around you is getting them off,
and you still have months to go.

11. Not breaking a bracket when eating hard candy,
but snapping one right off when eating a sandwich.

12. Never being able to actually
adhere the wax to the metal.

13. Feeling inclined to wear a mouthguard when
playing sports, but never actually wearing one.

14. Having your removal date pushed back
so much that you just want to scream.

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