Elio Acimon

Acimon is an aspiring, Ivy League poet. Given the right opportunities, Acimon might even be seen performing on a Broadway stage.

Julie Adams

Living a life that revolves around old movies and music, Adams tends to read and write in the genre of science fiction.

Ophelia Austen

Part journalist, part musician, Austen is focused on learning to play and lead a middle school band to inspire future generations.

America Cass

Cass is a lover of art and family. Hoping to find work as an OB/GYN (or a supermodel), Cass believes in speaking truth to power.

Maven Dashner

An enthusiast of gaming and golfing, Dashner aims to become more than a writer. Dashner embraces education as a step toward becoming an instructor.

Dally Danziger

More than just an avid reader, Danziger adores animals and psychology, hoping to soon be an award-winning psychiatrist.

Sammy Filler

A reading fanatic, Filler enjoys developing positive relationships with the staff of the MilStreet Journal and studying social behavior.

Rudy Hinton

Hinton is a veteran writer and public speaker with a passion to improve international communication. Hinton seeks to inspire others with every opportunity.

Daniel Hunt

Hunt is an avid writer who relishes in opportunities to tell stories about the colliding worlds of life and fantasy. Hunt also loves to draw and play the ukulele.

Penny Lockhart

Originally from Oviedo, Lockhart joined the MilStreet Journal with a creative, competitive, and critical eye for engineering. In recent years, Lockhart has grown more passionate about poetry, reading, and softball.

Jane Riordan

Riordan is devoted to understanding the human brain, aspiring to work as a neurosurgeon. Riordan is also a serious and devoted baseball player.

Sophia Riordan

Riordan has an affinity for current events and controversial topics as well as a blossoming interest in local sports.

Eleven Rowling

An aspiring lawyer with a love for suspense, Rowling is a consumer of popular films. Rowling brings light to the MilStreet Journal.

Cornelia Rydell

An optimistic contributor to the 2017-2018 Yearbook, Rydell lives a full life. With each piece, Rydell is inspired by the faithful love of a family dog.

Rubius Smithson

Smithson is a video game nerd who aspires to be a designer of paranormal equipment. Or maybe just an investigator and a writer of mysteries.

Kenni Sparkles

Sparkles lives in a world where good is often forgotten while the bad seems impossible to forget. Sparkles writes with a desire to remind readers of the good.

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